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How to restore sql server database to the point of failure?

To restore a sql server database to point of failure , database's recovery model should not be "Simple" , because it needs transaction log backup to do that , "Simple" recovey model dose not have transaction log.

If your database's recovery modal is "Simple" , you can not restore to the point of failure , in this case , please select the latest differential and full backup do the restore. If your database's recovery modal is not "Simple" , to restore database to the point of failure :

1) . Back up the tail of transaction log after SQL Server fails .
To get this type of transaction log backup , please select the backup type "Do not remove inactive entries from transaction log." , see following instruction. If this step is fails , it indicates that the storage log file may have problems , it can not be read , in this case , the database can not be restored to point of failure .

2) . Remove the error the cause the database fails .

3) . Create a new restoration job and select this transaction log backup to restore the database .

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