How to import existing backup to new installed other sql server backup?

Import backup dose not mean importing backup to SQL Database , it just imports backup information into SQL Server Backup program inner catalog , so that it can be used in sql database restore job.

You need to import existing backup when :

  • New version of SQL Server Backup is re-installed from refresh.
  • You want to use backup that created by another SQL Server Backup.

Please follow steps below to import existing backups:

1 . Copy backups to a certain backup device of a Storage Server if necessary.

2 . Open "Backup Import" child window in Backup Manager.

3 . Select the device that contains backups to be imported.

4 . After you select the backup device , you can see all backups in that device . You just select the backups you want to import.

5 . Select a SQL Server instance , that is to say these backups can be used for this instance's databases restoration.

6 . Click the "Import" button ,and wait for a while .

Once backups are imported , you can use these backups to create a restoration job to restore your database.
One backup can be import multiple times , but only the last import is valid , new importing will overwrite existing records.