How to start SQL Server in single-user mode?

Compare with user database , recovering master database is little bit different .

Before run master database restore job , you are required to start SQL Server running in single user mode.

To start SQL Server in single user mode , please do following :

1) Open "Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services"

2) Mouse right click on specified SQL Server instance service and select "Properties" menu to bring up following service configuration window:




3) Specify start parameters as following:

-s{ Instance name } -m

If instance is default instance (no instance name) ,then just enter

-s -m

4) Restart the SQL Server instance service.

Please note , once sql server is started in single user mode, it allows only one user contect to the server . In this case , you have to stop the SQL Server Agent service too before run restore master database job, because the connected SQL Server Agent service use will block the restore job user.

After master database is recovered , please don't forget to remove "-m" option to bring whole sql server back to normal mode .


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