Privileges for MySQL backup and restore job

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Since v4.5.8 , mysql backup checks privileges before job. Following table shows privileges checked in backup and restore job (no privilege checked in a synchronization job) . Please note that, if mysql backup reports privilege warnning message, it dosen't mean you can not run the job. For example, if mysql backup reports no "Show view" privilege for a backup job, if your database has no view object, it is ok for the job.

How to migrate mysql backup to new computer?

There are two way to migrate mysql backup software to new computer :

A ) Migrate by copying file

1 . Copy all backups to new computer to same directory as old one.

2 . Copy all program files in installation direcotry to new computer (same directory requires).

3 . In old program , click File->Open configuration direcotry menu , and copy all files to new program configration direcry.

4 . Re-enter the license key if it asks.


B) New install and import old backup (recommended)