Reseller program

Would you like to resell the line of DataBK products in your city, state even country?

Do you:

  • Have your own business?
  • Have any experience with data backup products?
  • Want to sell support Databk software?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you are probably an ideal candidate to meet our reseller requirements.

If you answer no to any of these questions, you might like to better consider our affiliate program .

Reseller Program Requirements:

  • You should have essential knowledge of sql server backup technologies, database , backup , restore etc. (what a database is, what the backup is , what it can do what it cannot etc.)
  • You should have essential knowledge of our line of Databk software backup products - at least the products you would like to resell
  • You should be able to support your customers

Duties of Reseller:

  • Provide basic technical support to their customers
  • Sell DataBK software products

Reseller's Benefits :

  • You will receive payments from your customers
  • Your margin will be market leading - full details, once you sign up

Duties of DataBK Software:

  • To produce up to date sql backup software
  • To allow all users to from our Network of Internet servers.
  • Responsibility for uploading of new versions (We maintain ALL download servers servers)
  • Free email support

Please note:

  • We do not produce "boxed products"
  • All products are distributed electronically only - license key license file.
  • This reseller program is powered by
  • It may take 12 hours after you register to become reseller, after we confirm your registration , you 'll receive a eamil from
  • After we confirm your registration ,you will get a reseller ID , you can use this ID on ShareIt order form to get the discount.


If you are interested, please click the following link to fill the online application form.



For more FAQs regarding reseller program , please click here .