License conflict after upgrade.

Getting this error most possible because SQL Server Backup Manager has not to refresh license information from Backup Agent yet.

If your Backup Agent has been registered before the upgrade, you don't have to re-enter your license key once again after upgrade to the latest version even if the backup manager shows it is in the trial period. You just re-connect the backup agent in the "SQL Instances " configuration window to refresh the license information from the backup agent. See the following.

How to register SQL Server Backup?

Just open Backup Agent Manger and please follow steps below to register the SQL Server Backup Agent :

1 .Please make sure your current program is the latest version according to the build number, if not , please download a latest version from here .

2 .Click the "Help->Enter Registration Code" menu in SQL Server Backup Manager main window to bring up the registration form.

3 .Copy the key above in the "Registration Key" field .

How to import existing backup to new installed other sql server backup?

Import backup dose not mean importing backup to SQL Database , it just imports backup information into SQL Server Backup program inner catalog , so that it can be used in sql database restore job.

You need to import existing backup when :

  • New version of SQL Server Backup is re-installed from refresh.
  • You want to use backup that created by another SQL Server Backup.

Please follow steps below to import existing backups:

How to convert backup created by SQL Server Backup software to native raw data?

Backups created by SQL Server Backup software has own format that supports data compression and encryption.

To use them in Enterprise manager or SQL Server Managment Studio , you need to convert them to SQL Server native raw format data.

There are two ways to convert backup to raw data:

1 . By using "Convert2rawdata.exe" under installation directory , you can run it in Start->All programs ->SQL Server Backup->Storage Server->Convet Backup. See following.

How to upgrade SQL Server Backup to the latest version?

1 ). Upgrade from 8.x or later

  • Download a new copy of SQL Server Backup.
  • Uninstall old version. ( Important)
  • Install new version to original directory.

After upgrade the product , please double check previouse jobs , see if there is anything changed.

2 ). Upgrade from 6.x or 7.x

  • Delete all scheduled jobs in v7 / v6 or Control Panel->Task Scheduler.
  • Uninstall the v7 version to remove old backup agent service. (This step is very important. )
  • Download a lastest version of SQL Server Backup.
  • Install new version to original directory or new directory.
  • Re-enter your license key .
  • If you install to original directory , please double check the old job and configuration , see if there is anything changed .
  • Re-create scheduled task for your job ,because it use own scheduler engine since v8.