MySQL Backup Topics

MySQL Backup Topics

What is MySQL Backup?

MySQL Backup is a very easy to use backup and restore application for MySQL . By using it , you can back up local or remote MySQL Server's databases to your local hard disk or network shared folder easily and quickly . The user-friendly and professional wizard enables you just point and click with your mouse to do backup / restore job , without writing any sql script or complicated command line . It supports data compression and encryption . It is really a must-have tool for MySQL DBA.

MySQL Backup / Restore Software solutions

1) . Back up remote MySQL Server database, save backup to your local computer.

Remote backup mysql server solution description :

  • Without installing any mysql backup agent software to remote / web mysql database server.
  • Just install MySQL backup software to local computer or laptop.
  • Mysql online backup supports , without interrupting your business or service.
  • Easy of MySQL GUI Backup software.
  • Schedule your backup job on any time you want.

2) . Sycnchronize two MySQL Servers via backup

Two mysql servers sychronization solution description :

  • Creating backup from primary mysql server without interrupting serivice.
  • Restore backup to secondary mysql server.
  • Saving backup to harddisk or sychronize on the fly
  • If primary server fails , the secondary take over the service.
  • Restore backup to secondary server with different database name.
  • You can even sychronize two databases on the same mysql server.
  • More safe solution for you business.