How to migrate mysql backup to new computer?

There are two way to migrate mysql backup software to new computer :

A ) Migrate by copying file

1 . Copy all backups to new computer to same directory as old one.

2 . Copy all program files in installation direcotry to new computer (same directory requires).

3 . In old program , click File->Open configuration direcotry menu , and copy all files to new program configration direcry.

4 . Re-enter the license key if it asks.


B) New install and import old backup (recommended)

1 . Install mysql backup software to new computer .

2 . Configure mysql server , with same setting as old computer's

3 . Create new backup job for your databases and runs once to get new backup .

If you want to use old backup in new computer in this case
1 . copy all backup or the latest backup to computer .
2 . use "import backup" window import backup on new computer if you want to use them.
After backup imported , they can be found in restore job window .